The White Rose trilogy is set in the Victorian era and follows the lives of three charismatic siblings. Newly arrived in London, from New Orleans, Louisiana the Kingston family takes everyone in the Bon Ton by surprise. Join each in their individual pursuits of love, as they navigate unprecedented obstacles. Escape into a world full of masterfully tailored suits and glittering ball gowns. A time when romance bloomed around every corner and danger lurked behind every well-placed smile. Stacy Von Haegert eloquently paints a riveting story of romance, mystery, suspense, and laugh-out-loud humor throughout this three-book series. Read them for yourself to see why they made her an International Best-Selling author.



The Forged Series





The Forged Series is a hypnotic journey that challenges our deepest beliefs. What exactly defines our notions of Heaven and Hell, and what separates folklore from reality? An exhilarating adventure where angels, vampires, elemental-benders, and dragons spin a world full of intrigue, fantasy, and romance.








Robin Hood and his band of misfits weren’t real. Every good middle-class shop owner’s daughter knows that. Same as they know fairytale endings don’t happen for women of their station. Wolves are wolves, and righteous, self-indulgent Lords are righteous, self-indulgent Lords. It’s common sense. Life is steady and uneventful for a girl working in a London flower shop. Until it’s not…