The White Rose Trilogy

The White Rose trilogy is set in the Victorian era and follows the lives of three charismatic siblings. Newly arrived in London, from New Orleans, Louisiana the Kingston family takes everyone in the Bon Ton by surprise. Join each in their individual pursuits of love, as they navigate unprecedented obstacles. Escape into a world full of masterfully tailored suits and glittering ball gowns. A time when romance bloomed around every corner and danger lurked behind every well-placed smile. Stacy Von Haegert eloquently paints a riveting story of romance, mystery, suspense, and laugh-out-loud humor throughout this three-book series. Read them for yourself to see why they made her an International Best-Selling author.


Greyland is fresh off the boat from New Orleans, Louisiana. London’s elite has never experienced the likes of her. A stunning beauty who turns heads wherever she goes, Greyland is an intelligent, fearless, spitfire wrapped up in a tiny package. She’s wild and free and has no intention of being tamed by any man. She was raised to keep up with her brothers in a much less genteel area of the world. In a time when women know their place and are treated like delicate flowers, Greyland proves she’s got thorns.



What Readers are Saying


Truly a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, Greyland and Alex know just how to ‘tame’ the other with just a look and yet when alone they have UNBRIDLED DESIRE that neither knew existed. ★★★★★ -mjlovestoread


WONDERFUL read on a speculated history topic! ★★★★★ – Amanda .


This novel combines all the elements you could want in a good book: PASSION, ADVENTURE, HUMOR and INTRIGUE! Would love to see this on the big screen. ★★★★★ – Karen.


This historical romance weaves a tale of ROYALTY, BETRAYAL and LEGACIES. It’s not to be missed! ★★★★★ -Mommyneedsabook


Haegert beautifully crafted each character and blended their roles in the story PERFECTLY★★★★★ -Missy


Beautifully written, smooth yet suspenseful. I must admit, it is EXTREMELY WELL WRITTEN, and Stacy Von Haegert will definitely have my attention. ★★★★★ -Nooks Books and More Blog


Edward Kingston, the middle child of the Kingston siblings. Blonde, beautiful, and a true rogue. A man’s man and a lady’s desire. After hours, trouble, and women ever hold Edward’s interest. Many women of London’s elite believe they can tame the younger Kingston brother. Edward has no intention of being broken and bridled. In his mind, the more the merrier, whether, beautiful women or endless nights of ale and mischief, Edward will have it all, beholden to none, responsible for nothing.   



What Readers are Saying


I definitely have a crush on Edward Kingston and ONLY WISH I were Morgan Sinclair! – ★★★★★ – Lori A., Amazon Reviewer



Plain and Simple…I want a LOVE STORY like Morgan and Edward. –  ★★★★★ – Rachelle Rose, Goodreads



Stacy has absolutely OUTDONE herself! This characters in this book PULL YOU IN and render you both unable and unwilling to put the book down. ★★★★★ – Angie, Amazon Reviewer


As the oldest Kingston sibling, Perkin has long been revered as the orderly one. He has taken great care to always appear as the pillar of responsibility and decorum. However, everyone stumbles. Even the illustrious Perkin Kingston. When tragedy strikes, the fall from grace is abrupt. Perkin finds his world tossed upside down, with only one path out…revenge.